The history of Union Baptist Church could never be fully retold but the dedication and visions of the many individuals who have contributed to this “church on the hill” has to be recognized.   Only small highlights of Union’s beginnings can be shared through from what has been told down through generations.

Union was organized during the early 1900’s on Green Court, a street off from Small Street, in which that area was called Rabbit Quarters.  Union moved from 311 Green Court to its present location of 828 Mary James Avenue in the early ‘60’s

It has been told that Union Baptist was founded after the separation of First Baptist Church in 1917.   With the leadership of Franklin Thomas, Rose Summers, and Judy Borders secured a building at 311 Green Court from Barney Ragan.  Union Baptist Church started that year with 40 members and its first pastor being the Reverend Franklin Peter Long.    In the mid 1940’s, the building was destroyed by fire, but was rebuilt shortly thereafter.  Reverend Long served until 1948 when he resigned due to failing health concerns.

Reverend A. Y. Hairston of Winston Salem, NC led the church in 1949.  During his leadership the church grew rapidly and space was needed.  With the help of Eddie Colson, James F. Medley, Robert E. Oliver, Jr., and W. Dan Suber, Union Baptist Church relocated to its present location of 828 Mary James Avenue.  Reverend Hairston resigned in 1973.

Union was under the leadership of Reverend William B. Fulp (March 3, 1938-March 24, 1985) from 1974 until 1985.  Under the leadership of Reverend Fulp the deacons were George Alston, Leak, Eddie Lewis, Odess Lowery, James F. Medley, Sadler, and W. Dan Suber.  During his 11 years at Union, he reorganized the Young Adult Choir and organized auxiliaries such as Jr. Usher Board, Fulp Ensemble Choir, Deaconess Board, and along with his wife, First Lady Ella Fulp organized the Young Adult Usher Board.  As well as being a full time preacher, he was a devoted husband a father of five children.  He often neglected himself to help many people and his church family.    On March 24 of 1985, a Sunday evening, Reverend Fulp departed this life in High Point, North Carolina doing what God had called him to do.  His last sermon was “I’ve Been Running for Jesus a Long Time and I Ain’t Tired, Yet.”  Reverend William B. Fulp was a man of greatness and still to this day is truly missed.
After Pastor Fulp’s passing, Union went through multiple changes and tribulations.  Through it all, it made the unity of Union Baptist Church stronger. Reverend Eddie L. White became the pastor of Union in 1986 until 1992.  Reverend J. L. Moore served in 1993 until his resignation later that year.
Reverend Van R Johnson came to Union in 1994, originally from Chicago, Illinois, to fill the emptiness of a great shepherd that Union once had with Pastor Fulp.  Reverend Johnson was called and licensed at the age of 13 and has been carrying the Word of God ever since.  During his years at Union, the Van R. Johnson Gospel Choir and the Men and Women Ministries have been organized and also the Nurse’s Guild has been reorganized.  Along with these auxiliaries, Union still had the Fulp Ensemble Choir (children’s choir) and Senior and Young Adult Usher Boards.  Reverend Johnson performed missionary work in Honduras, Central America during the summers of 1996 and 1998.  He served for two consecutive years as president of Ministers United For Christ, a local minister’s alliance.  The deacons were Odess Lowery, James Burke, Lee Broadway, and A.B. Bryant.  Reverend Johnson is married to the former Terri Wallace and they have three children, Jazmine, Brandon, and Joshua along with three grandchildren.  Reverend Johnson resigned in April 2021 after serving faithfully for 26 years.